William Novis Smith, President

-  BS Chemistry, MIT
-  PhD Chemistry UC at Berkeley

Prior accomplishments
Red- LiPF6 pilot production
-  LiPO4 pilot production
-  Recycling of lead acid, lithium, alkaline, and NIMH batteries
-  Laminating resin for hurricane glass
-  Recovery of LiOH.H2O from depleted material 70 M lbs recovered
-  Spodumene to LiOH.H2O
-  LiNiO2 cathode materials

- 119 US Patents


American Hyperform is the consulting and joint venture company founded by Dr. Novis Smith to enable synergenism with other companies and entities to forward technology developments, new products, and problem solving in the the areas of batteries (lithium, lead, and alkaline), lithium chemicals, lead chemicals, thermoplastic resins, composites, coatings, ultra capacitors, chemical strengthening of glass, fiber sizings, fluorine chemistry high power and high specific energy lithium batteries, waste water treatment, ceramics, UV resins, and related technical areas.


The focus of American Hyperform is to utilize its extensive hands-on experience in new technolgy development and scaleup in cooperation with others to acheive commerical practical products and results by the most time and cost efficient R&D.