Areas of Past Experience

- Inorganic and organo lithium chemistry and compound syntheses
- Extractive metallurgy processes for lithium
- Production process for battery grade LiPF6
- Process for LiBF4
- Fire Resistant lithium battery electrolyte
- Lithium battery electrolytes
- Ultra capacitor electrolytes
- Lithium cathode materials: LiNiO2, LiCo2, variations
- Lead chemicals
- Zinc chemicals
- Ionomer film formation for transparent laminating films
- Chemical strengthening of glass
- UV resins and prepregs
- New anode materials

- Carbon fibers

- Coatings

Summary of Expertise

Dr. Smith has:
* over 30 years hands-on experience in organo and inorganic lithium chemistry (with patents) including extractive metallurgy of lithium ore;
* 20 years experience in lithium batteries and lithium battery chemicals (with patents on electrolytes, fire resistant electrolytes, and cathode materials);
* 15 years experience in technical suppor of carbon fibers;
* 5 years in chemical strengthening of glass:
* 15 years of battery recycling (lead, lithium, alkaline, NIMH, and NiCad):
* 20 years ballistic transparencies (glass);
* 10 years in inorganic fluorine chemistry;

* Total of over 50 years combined hands-on R&D performance and management;

* 119 US patents have been issued to Dr. Smith over his career thus far with several more pending;
* Awarded more than 12 SBIR's, Phase I, II and III plus other Government grants and awards (>$12 M).

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